We are working for update doc for SXIMO 5.1.7

Failed to remove any created module

Solving your issue .

Whenever remove any module and failed , the site have error and cannot accessed anymore . There are 2 possibility caused the issues : 1. error on folder permission 2. you made controller name not in lowercase Dont be panic , let solve this issue . follow the following step :

 Clear database rows

 1. go to your database ( using phpmyadmin or any database tools you like )
2. browse , tb_module and remove module rows where you try to remove
3. Open /app/Http/moduleroutes.php and remove line corellated to your removed module .
4. remove manualy all files releated with the module
       1. /app/Http/controllers/YourController.php
       2. /app/models/Your.php
       3. resources/views/Yourmodule/
#### Make sure folder permission is allowed to remove folder and fiels To prevent error apprear on next remove module , please make sure set directory permission to 0775 on following folder
 1. /app/Http/**Controllers**/
2. /app/**Models**/
3. /resources/**views**/