We are working for update doc for SXIMO 5.1.7

How to format column Grid rows

Using Ajax Plugins

IF you using Ajax Plugins , Please watch this video

Using Native Sximo Example

you have field status on your database table . Next , you plan if status '1' then Active will have block span success and if '0' then inactive also with block span danger let's do it : Open your index.blade.php file
@foreach ($rowData as $row)
		 {{ ++$i }} 
		<input class="ids" name="id[]" value="{{ $row->TicketID }}" type="checkbox">  									
	 @foreach ($tableGrid as $field)
		 @if($field['view'] =='1')
			@if($field['field'] =='status')
				<!-- custom format row -->
				@if($row->status =='1')
					<span class="label lable-success"> Active </span>
					<span class="label lable-success"> Inactive </span>
				<!-- end custom format row -->						
			@elseif($field['attribute']['image']['active'] =='1')
				{{ SiteHelpers::showUploadedFile($row->$field['field'],$field['attribute']['image']['path']) }}
				{{--*/ $conn = (isset($field['conn']) ? $field['conn'] : array() ) /*--}}
				{{ SiteHelpers::gridDisplay($row->$field['field'],$field['field'],$conn) }}	
			<!-- Button Action here -->