We are working for update doc for SXIMO 5.1.7

Edit Current Module

After module created , all configuration are verry basic . all fields are dislayed on table grid , view detail and form , so you need to make necessery action . If your module need to displaying image , format some rows value and etc then you need to make adjustment on that module On your Module list , click button action at your desire module and select edit module

Table Editor

This is control of your Grid table . you can manage wich fields area displaying on your table and the rest is shown on view detail page

Column explanation :

- Table
database table where fields came
- Fields
table fields -
- Limit To
this feature for limit access specisific column
- Link
Lookup / display as . this feature used for formating foreign key into readable values
- Title/Caption
this will be table head title for module grid table
- Show
mean field are displaying on grid table
- Uncheck show

 fields for EmployeeID , BirthDate,HireDate -
- VD (View Detail)
Mean field are included on view detail page
- ST (Sortable)

Mean allow sort order by this field
- DW (Download)
Mean this field included on download page
lets follow this step
- Drag and Drop
field to re-ordering column table
- Change Title / Caption - write title / caption for other lang( Optional ) - Check checkbox field to enable for sort rows by and allow download

Format Foto

Lets say you plan to displaying image for column foto , then you need to register path for this column

Format Lookup

/ Display as Lookup/display as is a way/feature for displaying foreign key as readable text ,example EmployeeId to be FirstName or LastName or combination from both . click icon on left side of column title/caption then fill form as following image

Format Link

This is feature to format column rows as link . in this case , we will format email as mailto link .