We are working for update doc for SXIMO 5.1.7


To make Sximo Builder running on your end, you need to make sure your server match with minimum requirment
- Apache, nginx, or another compatible web server.
- PPHP >= 5.5.9
- OpenSSL PHP Extension
- Mbstring PHP Extension
- Tokenizer PHP Extension
- MySQL Database server
- Module Re_write server
- PHP_CURL Module Enable
- Realtime Internet Connection ( Module Management )

Preparing Installation

- Download ZIP package and unzip it.
- In unzipped folder you will find folder directory like bellow.
- sximo51
- database
- documentation
- Create app directory on your web directory server
- Simply put all files inside directory sximo51 to your app folder.

Create new database installation

You need to create new database , you can use phpmyadmin or any mysql databse tools such maestro , sqlyog etc After new database created , now import database/database.sql file into your new database

Configuration Installation

1. Open app/config/app.php file using your favorite php editor

  'url' => '',
2. Setting Database Info

Open .env file using your favorite php editor

3. Access your application

Now access your application via your favorite browser

Default Login :
Email Address : superadmin@mail.com
Password : password

4. Files Folder permission

please make sure to set permission to 0775 at following file and folder
- app/Http/Controllers/
- app/Models/
- setting.php
- storage/logs/
- storage/views/

Removing Public folder on Live server

you can cleary removing public url/folder on live server . there 2 option for this way

Install on your primary domain

If sximo 5 as your domain , then follow this step

  1. Move all sximo5 files and folder out from www or public_html folder , so all files and folder are placed equal
  2. Move all files and folder inside public folder to www or public_html
  3. that's it

Install on your subdomain

  1. Create folder inside your www or public_html folder , then copy all sximo5 files and folder
  2. Create desire subdomain and make sure point your new subdomain location to your new subdomain folder example : public_html/mysubdomail/public
  3. that's it